Hikari Program

  • Hikari Program

    Genius Kid applies the original HIKARI 光 Mental Arithmetic program. Hikari in Japanese means light and symbolizes the process of learning and awakening (illuminating) mental capacities. It was created as a result of many years of scientific research that have shown that the best results are achieved when in the learning process information is received through different senses because in that way the largest number of neuronal connections in the brain are activated.

  • What is the program based on?

    TBDP (Total Brain Development Program) represents a system of overall brain development that stimulates the activation of both brain hemispheres in the early stages of life. Activation of both hemispheres generates creation of the nerve fibers (synapses). As a result of this activation, a series of mental abilities, such as memory, intelligence, concentration, imagination are being improved.

    The VAK Method (Visual – Audit – Kinaesthetic) is a method developed on the basis of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and involves the inclusion of three senses (vision, hearing, touch) in the learning process.