Genius Kid Programs

For children 4 -12 years old
  • How long does a mental arithmetic program last?

    The program has 3 levels, preparation, basic and advanced. Each level lasts one academic year. A child moves to the next level when he completes the previous one.
  • Mental Aritmetic

    Mental arithmetic is the ability to calculate quickly and accurately without the use of pencil and paper or other aids. It is based on the use of the ancient computer abacus (Japanese: Soroban), whose visualization achieves extremely fast computing.

    However, fast computing is only a means by which more important goals are achieved – optimal intellectual development. Speed ​​of calculation is just an indicator that important cognitive abilities have been developed: concentration, visualization, attention, memory, analytical thinking and logic. The development of these abilities is the most important goal of mental arithmetic, because it brings your child lasting benefits and skills that he/she needs in life.

    During the first year of the mental arithmetic program, children will master additions and subtraction with multi-digit numbers in order to calculate mentally, and then they will move to the advanced mental arithmetic level, which is dedicated to acquire the domination over multiplication and division operations. Long lasting skills and abilities that children gain during this activity, Genius Kid School students are developing the following skills and competences in particular:

    • fast calculation
    • exceptional concentration and attention
    • excellent memory and developed reflexes
    • photographic memory
    • analytical and logical thinking
    • developed mental abilities
    • increase of intelligence
    • creativity, imagination and visualization capability
    • developed senses of vision, hearing and contact
    • Age Group:
      4 -12 years Old
    • Class Size:
      10 -16 Childrens
  • Numicon

    The preparation program, called Numicon, is a numerical didactic system which is used to develop mathematical skills in children who haven’t started school yet (3-5 years old); developed by experts from Oxford University, and, in 2015, it was proclaimed the world’s best educational mathematical method (Education Resources Awards [ERA]).

    Numicon is popular throughout the world, owing to its idea that the teaching and understanding of mathematical concepts should unfold through touch, images, and games. It is used to teach children in a way which is both easy and fun:

    •  It explains the concept of number and basic arithmetic operations
    • It offers many possibilities for playing games
    • It allows teaching at different levels of knowledge
    • Its elements are compact and easy to use for children
    • Children with reduced movements can also use it with ease
    • Its materials are interesting
    • It is suitable for both collective and individual work
    • it develops the capability of mental calculation with no help from any devices
    • it stimulates cognitive development and the activation of both brain hemispheres
    • Age Group:
      3-4 years Old
    • Class Size:
      10 -16 Childrens
  • Questions and Answers
    Genius Kid Groups

    Group lessons, minimum 10, maximum 16 participants

    Reporting on Individual Achievement

    Reports on individual achievements of each student will be presented to parents.

    Content of the lesson

    Math exercises with abacus, developing games, brain fitness exercises, logical tasks

    After Lessons opportunities

    Online platform for games and homeworks
    Organize and take part in international competitions

  • Class Hours Per Year
    • Intensive programme hours80 Hours
    • Standard programme hours35 Hours
    • Individual programme Hours100 Hours