About Us

  • Extra curricular activityengages each child.

    Genius Kid is an international educational extra curricular activity intended for the healthy development of children’s brains. The goals of Genius kid are to encourage and develop the intellectual skills and abilities of children from an early age. 
    Genius kid’s methodology is the result of many years of work by psychologists, pedagogues and other experts in the field of education; it implies allowing kids to approach problem solving from both creative and analytical perspectives, through fully stimulated brain training which is developing the connection between the left brain hemisphere with its logical thinking and mathematical abilities, and the right hemisphere, responsible for imagination, creativity and fantasy.
    This approach contributes to gain better math skills, exceptional concentration and attention, excellent photographic memory and visualization capacity. It is also proved by scientists from the Manchester University, that the program boosts children’s IQ.

  • Why to choose us?

    • Genius Kids

      Genius Kid is the only school in Europe, which implements the original Japanese program of Mental Arithmetic – HIKARI 光. The program has a unique and effective method that originates from Japan, the cradle of mental arithmetic.

    • Unique method

      Thanks to a unique method, our students achieve outstanding results in a short time. After only a few months of teaching, they are able to count mentally.

    • Japanese Soroban

      During our program, students use the original Japanese Soroban – an abacus made according to Japanese standards, exclusively from natural materials (beech and bamboo).

    • Maximum

      In addition to the basic fund of classes, our goal for each child is to reach their maximum potential, so we provide our children with additional activities through our web application.The use of modern training web applications provides effective support, our students can exercise through the web platform, practice the acquired knowledge through or compete with other students around the world.

    • The School of Champions

      Genius Kid is the School of European Champions (European Championship in Mental Calculation, Basel, May 9th-12th 2018) and organizer and participant in important international competitions, which allows our students to participate in prestigious world competitions and Olympiads in mental arithmetic. In this way, children gain valuable experience and develop a healthy competitive spirit.

    • Permanent abilities and skills

      The cognitive effects achieved by learning mental arithmetics are not lost after succeeding the programme, but become permanent abilities and skills that children have throughout their lives.

    • The program is flexible

      The program is flexible and carefully designed taking into account the individual needs of each child. Learning is practiced in small groups, through fun activities, various games and competitions, and all this is done in a relaxing and creative atmosphere where positive emotional relationships are created.

    • Professional teachers

      Our team consists of professional teachers who have successfully passed international training and are certified as mentors of mental arithmetic of HIKARI 光 Program.

    • Genius Kid Diploma

      Upon completion of the program our children will receive a Genius Kid Diploma.